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Taster Property empowers young
people to take control of their lives
and explore their potential whilst
giving back to their community.

Industry trained mentors provide
valuable skills, training, and
development sessions. Taster then provides wrap-around support for
participants to create their own
employment opportunities and reach
their full potential.

By Contributing

A  problem shared is a problem halved

A donation of $40 will directly create participation through Taster 

providing enriching opportunities that build a strong, inclusive and

sustainable community we all can thrive in.


What We Do

Taster Property empowers young people to take
control of their lives and explore their potential
whilst giving back to the community.

Why Us

We want to expose young people to enriching practical workshops where they feel included whilst

developing valuable skills 

Who Are We

We are industry trained mentors dedicated to supporting participants in creating their pathways leading to reaching their full desired potential.


Your tax-deductible donation today
will help us to shape the future of
Taster; portable, adaptable,
and accessible.

We want you to see and experience the
positive impact your donations make
within the community. We want you to
benefit from your donations too!


Taster will mobilise the positive impact of our innovative training and employment projects by fitting out ‘custom-built trailers’ to increase the Taster spread!

Our Taster Trailer Project is 100% portable, adaptable, and accessible. It increases our capacity to support our community when and where it is needed most.

If 5000 people donated $40 each, we can fit out 7 individualised, speciality-built trailers ready to be deployed, complete with programs to be delivered over an entire year. Our trailers can be utilised by other community members and groups.

Taster demonstrates that with solid supports young people can evolve into the next generation of entrepreneurs.

​This is Tasters solution-focused approach to addressing the complex social issues that impact our community.

Any donation of $40 or more will secure you a VIP ticket to our Taster Launch Party at the Music Bowl (TBA), where we will showcase the progress that Taster has made so far!  This will be a day and night of supporting local business, art, food, and music.

On Behalf Of Our Future Generations Taster Thanks You!

Thank you for supporting us. For our updates and our latest progress follow us on Facebook as we share our journey with you.


I would like to thank Taster Property for the opportunity to use and promote my design and create their website.

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