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Taster supports young people to find their place in society through providing a safe and enriching environment. Taster’s vision is to provide wraparound support services that engage young people emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially, while offering innovative ready-for-work programs and employment opportunities through a range of social enterprise partnerships.
Each aspect of Taster will operate with the intention of offering unique and creative opportunities for youth to develop the skills necessary to gain employment in rewarding careers. Their partnerships will enrich the local community through the direct provision of local services or products forging a direct link between the ready-for-work participants and the local community.


It is because of everyone coming together with goodwill and shared values that make Taster possible, as respect is paid forward and respect is paid back. Our common goals, shared dreams, aspirations and desire for knowledge, everyone can find their passion – everyone is good at something. Here is a small list of our supporters.

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